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Benchmark and learn from most successful competitors, the best-in-class vehicles and their future innovations
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Assess and address the fundamental challenges of cost, performance, supply chain, and sustainability impact

Our approach

A2MAC1 analyzes more than 100 new best-in-class vehicles every year, launched by innovative start-ups, technology leaders and cost challengers worldwide. We are identifying design, technology, and performance highlights for the full vehicle on domain-level (e.g. powertrain) down to the level of individual parts. We connect technology, performance, and supply chain insights with a detailed evaluation of cost and sustainability implications. This way, we reveal the secrets behind specific features and discover areas of optimization potential which will give you a head start on your competitors and emerging market trends.

How we impact your business

Our data and profound insights are tailored for engineers and executives alike. With more than 25 years of global expertise, we developed an open and flexible mindset that enables us to address all your clients’ areas of interest across all domains of the vehicle, such as the battery, the electric powertrain, and ADAS systems. A2MAC1´s experts can have the ability to derive actionable insights for improvement and turn them into tangible optimization measures for your current and future developments, from technical, performance and cost perspectives.

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vehicle experts and cost engineers across the world


analyzed vehicles in our database


new vehicle tear downs and analyzes each year

We connect product cost with technology, performance and market intelligence to extract profound optimization measures from a commercial as well as technical perspective

Technology Insights

Detailed insights on vehicle designs through standardized, comprehensive and granular (>1500 parts/vehicle) benchmarking data on full vehicle and component level.

Cost Insights

In-depth bottom-up cost evaluation on a full vehicle scale, based on state-of-the-art costing methods to support our customers in making coherent and effective technical and strategic decisions.

Performance Insights

Extensive test campaigns (track tests, electrical, dynamometer etc.) to assess energy management strategy, vehicle dynamics, and simulate crash tests performance.

Market Insights

Insights on the latest product launches and technological developments with world-wide coverage, combined with forecasts models on future volumes of any given segment, brand, product or technology.

Sustainability Insights

Full lifecycle carbon footprint evaluation including raw materials, manufacturing, logistics, driving emissions, and recycling, to provide best practice solutions among competing vehicles.

Material Insights

Comprehensive analysis of material compositions and material trends observed in recent developments on key vehicle components such as battery and body-in-white.

Software Insights

Software should cost calculation based on functional analysis and electronics architecture for insights on optimal sourcing of software development services and efficient technical design.

Supply Chain Insights

Analysis of all supplier information from teardown data including production location, to extract options for optimized supply chain structure and production footprint.

Compare your current and future developments to competitors on a full vehicle, system, or component level and extract actionable insights for impactful improvements