We decode the secrets of product developments and innovations of the future. Our corpus of knowledge, developed over 25 years, extends across international and industrial borders. These insights allow clients to spot competitive opportunities to outpace their competitors.

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With proven expertise, our approach to competitive benchmarking turns data into strategic differentiation through profound insights.

With its unique methodology, A2MAC1 is a global partner who can support any industry sector


listed tore-down vehicles


locations across the globe


images and digital twins in our database






global customers

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Benchmarking services that suit you

Benchmarking Platform

Discover the proprietary technology we use to decode the world around you.

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360° Benchmarking Services

Discover our unique 360° approach to suit all your benchmarking needs

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Working towards a safer and more sustainable future

Pushing the limits of possibility by analyzing and benchmarking the latest innovations today and decoding how to make the world go greener, smarter tomorrow.

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